Monday, May 31, 2010

Day 1... no problem!

Well last night was our first Re.pronex injection and although we TOTALLY forgot until about 9pm (we planned to do it at 7pm when the girls went down), the shot was quick and painless (per M). She has the smallest mark around the injection site (unlike when J was using Rep.ronex) and was only a little sore when she was holding a baby. We'll see how that fairs as we use up more and more real estate on M's belly.

Getting ready to gear up for injection numero dos! Come on ovaries... let's get producing!

Happy Memorial Day everyone! The girls went to their first parade today! Then we took some pictures at the park near our house, went swimming in their little pool and had a family barbecue. Fun, relaxed, most enjoyable day!

Watching the parade! It was sooooo hot out.

A has some SERIOUS teething pain the last couple of days. R doesn't really know what to do since A wouldn't stop crying.

Interesting setting on the camera. Must explore further.


Two Moms, Two Monkeys said...

I sure don't miss those injections! You need to set an alarm on your cell phones to remind you... We ended up falling asleep one night and almost completely missed the shot!

Looks like the girls had fun...the photos are very cute! We always wonder what the happy twin is thinking about the fussy least its usually just one at a time!

z. said...

Ugh. Reprone.x. Zazie was a MESS from those shots... they don't tell you that they can give you a horrible reaction & that there are other options. Glad M is doing ok with it so far!

kym said...

Your girls are so adorable!!

My wife and I are in NJ also :-)