Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!

Just wanted to wish everyone a very happy and healthy New Year!! We hope that 2009 brings everyone all of the happiness that they wish for! :)

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Sick of Spotting!

Why can't we just have a spotting free pregnancy?!?!?! This isn't helping us relax and just enjoy being pregnant!

Over the weekend, J again had brownish spotting, this time along with mild to medium cramping. We headed into our Dr on Monday for an ultrasound to make sure everything was ok. They had previously told us that we would see spotting b/c of the small bleed on J's uterus but they also said we should come in if we had any problems.

As soon as we got to the office we were brought right in and the technician immediately said the babies looked fine. PHEW! She measured the babies and J's uterus as well as checked the heartbeats which were a perfect 173 and 180 for Baby A and Baby B respectively. The bleed was still visable on the ultrasound but since our Dr wasn't in the office, they said they would call us after he looked over our ultrasound pictures. To our untrained eyes, the bleed looked bigger but the technician said it is hard to tell b/c the ultrasound is 2D. She also said the uterus is a muscle so while it is being stretched, cramping is expected. A few hours later Jenn, our favorite nurse, called to tell us that our Dr said everything looked great on our ultrasound but J should be put on bedrest until the spotting has stopped and then for 24 hours after. By this time the spotting had stopped so by Wednesday (Christmas Eve) J would be off bedrest and would just have to "take it easy."

We think we overdid it last Friday morning when we got stuck out in the snow storm after our last appointment. Our place is up a very large hill and the roads were not yet plowed so not many cars were making it up the hill. We didn't want to risk it so we ended up parking in a shopping center lot overnight and hoofing it up the half mile hill in the snow and cold carrying all of our bags. The next day, the spotting and cramping started. If you remember, J is not allowed to exercise at the moment, so climbing this hill (and walking down it the next morning) was clearly the cause. Not sure why it didn't even occur to us to call a cab - we guess we still have a lot to learn.

J's parents and brother came up for Christmas. We had planned to go food shopping and get last minute gifts on Monday and Tuesday but since J was put on bedrest, M had to do ALL the work!! She tackled the crowds at the mall, waited in long lines at the food store and then came home to take care of her wife while cleaning our place! As if this wasn't enough, she also prepped the meals for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day and made 2 cakes and a pie! While J's family was here, M did everything as well, as to not let J overdo it again. J is definitely putting her up for the best wife award this year! J has had no cramping or spotting since so all M's efforts have paid off. :)

As for some pregnancy updates, the single most significant symptom would be EXHAUSTION! We are 10 weeks 2 days pregnant today and hoping that the second trimester brings some relief. We think that beside the fact that J is growing two lil babies inside her, her extreme exhaustion is from lack of exercise and lack of protein. We had b/w done yesterday to check to see if J is getting anemic (along with checking her thyroid levels). No meat appeals to J still, but she did manage to eat a few peices of ham on Christmas and some tofu sausage last night. It's a start!

We go back for our last visit to our RE on Jan 5th and at that point will get "enough ultrasound pictures to wallpaper our walls," says our stingy ultrasound technicial who will not give us a single picture. Now that our families know, they all want to see pictures - AS DO WE!

We hope everyone had a great holiday and have a happy and safe New Year!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

A Wonderful Day

Yesterday we celebrated Christmas with M's family in Scranton, PA. The day started off with us giving M's mom a belated birthday present. The present was a Christmas ornament of a pregnant woman's belly upon which we had "babies" written. There was an arrow pointing from the word to the big round belly. We also had written "Grandparents To Be" along the bottom. When she opened the gift she immediately began smiling and teared up and M's dad leaned in to see what the gift was. As they began hugging us in joy, J said we saw them dancing in her uterus yesterday at which point M's parents FROZE and said "What do you mean... THEY?!?!" We guess they didn't see the "..ies" at the end of "babies"!! They were absolutely thrilled! M's brother and sister in law were there and were equally excited.

M's sister arrived a little later, so we told her while the family was opening gifts. We told her in a similar fashion to how we told J's family. We let her open a gift with one onesie in it and then we waited about 30 minutes until all the gifts were opened and gave her another gift with the matching onesie in it. Her reaction was PRICELESS! Bawling and screaming "T-W-I-N-S"!! It was an amazing day all around.

We had a delicious Christmas dinner which had many a toast to a happy healthy year and of course to our two little miracles.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Two Week Waits Never End

So this was a really long two weeks of waiting .... we definitely thought that getting pregnant meant the end of those dreaded two week waits ... but they are in full effect still!

Towards the end of the 1st week we became very anxious to have a look inside J's uterus just to be sure everything was still A-OK. Plus we were taking a trip to Raleigh for J's grandmother's birthday. Since J's immediate family was going to be there, we were planning on telling them about our pregnancy, so we thought we'd feel better if we saw that everything was still a go. So we called our doctor and asked if we could come in and long story short they said no. Apparently they don't "scan just to scan". Apparently they also forgot that we just recently had a m/c around these same weeks. Oh well. We decided to go ahead and tell J's parents, brother, sister, and brother-in-law anyway. We showed them a onesie and let them soak it in ... and then BAM! pulled out another matching onesie. The reactions were really priceless. J's brother - who is 26 - is so excited, it's really cute how into it he is!

Today we went in for our scheduled visit. Luckily we got in before the storm hit (getting home was another story). The first thing the u/s technician said was "everything looks great". This was exactly what we wanted to hear! Then she did her usual measuring and prodding around, and told us the heart rate of Baby A was 175 bpm. As she kept measuring she began shaking her head in a "no" like fashion ... clearly we both internally started flipping out! What seemed like hours later she finally announced that the heartrate of Baby B (Lil' Stinker) was 183 bpm. He was moving around too much for her to get the reading - which is why she was shaking her head. Baby B continues to live up to his name as the trouble maker!

She then turned the u/s screen and began explaining what we were seeing. At this point in the appointment, M had already cried once. It was here that J saw what had made her cry. There on the u/s screen were two babies - not little blobs - but BABIES! She pointed out the obvious - the heads, the bodies, the little arm and leg buds, the hearts and the spinal cords. We were (and still are) in disbelief at how much they were moving around! It looked like they were dancing and giving us Jazz hands! Sooooooooo cute and so unbelievable!

Our Dr then came in and again repeated that everything looked great. We are 9 weeks and 1 day today and J's uterus is measuring around 11 weeks. We asked if she could begin exercising and to our surprise he said no. He brought up the issues we've had in the past and mentioned that small bleed in J's uterus and suggested she just stay off her feet and be waited on. J had no argument with that! We also asked about the progesterone suppositories and how much longer J would be on them and he said until 12 weeks.

We go back in two weeks to get our diploma (aka files). Then we are off to our new OB/GYN thanks to an excellent referral from Mommy and Mamita - who we also want to congratulate again on their progressing BFP!!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

All we want for Christmas are our 2 heartbeats :)

Sorry we haven't blogged in a while but J has been sleeping since the last blog entry. ;)

Our dr appt this morning went very well. We were excited to see our babies after a FULL LONG WEEK! Baby A, who has been nicknamed Show Off, was all out and about with a strong heartbeat of 128 bpm. Baby B, who has been nicknamed Little Stinker, was hiding at first but then appeared and showed us an equally strong heartbeat of 122 bpm. The u/s technician said everything looked great but did point out a small area that could be a bleed near Baby A! She said our dr would talk to us about it.

Our dr said we were 7 weeks 2 days pregnant (as if we didn't know that already) :) J's uterus was measuring 9 weeks and he also said everything looked great. I asked him about the bleed that the u/s technician mentioned and he said it was nothing to be concerned about. He said most, if not all pregnancies have this and it will not cause a m/c. He said we should think of it like an air bubble behind wallpaper. It could cause spotting but definitely not a m/c. This made us feel much better. He actually left saying everything was an A+ and to come back in 2 weeks.

More pregnancy symptoms have kicked in this past week. J hasn't eaten a real meal since Thanksgiving - no puking, just no appetite at all and lots of food aversions (don't bring meat of any kind around her!). She has nausea that comes and goes and of course sleeps whenever she can. Although there has been a few very early mornings where she'll get up to pee (for the 2nd or 3rd time that night) and not be able to fall back to sleep- even though it is only 4am. She's been feeling a lot of uterus stretching and some headaches from time to time. J has taken to wearing a sports bra 24-7 as it helps with the soreness of her now very large (and veiny) bb. Sexy eh? Oh, and have we mentioned J cries at the drop of a hat? She recently started to cry during a Mc.Donalds commerical!

Today we went to and perused the entire store. First stop, stretch mark lotion! M has been commissioned to rub this on J's belly and bb twice a day. We spent significant time rocking on the gliders and imagining how different our lives will soon be. I wouldn't say we are scared, but seeing the 2 heartbeats today really made it all seem that much more real. We are definitely having twins. 2 babies. Same time. Whoa.

We stopped by bord.ers in hopes to pick up a good book about twins and pregnancy with twins. Can you believe there wasn't a SINGLE book?!?! When we got home we went online and found a few that looked good and ordered them.

We also got our Christ.mas tree today and decorated our place. While typing this blog, we are in the process of watching The Story for the 3rd time. (J fell asleep through the 1st and 2nd viewing so we keep restarting it.) Unfortunately we didn't get a picture of our babies today so we are posting a picture of our tree and our furry baby instead. We think Addy is looking for her presents under the tree. She's been sitting there for HOURS! Too cute!