Thursday, October 29, 2009

Remember us?

Has it really been almost 3 months since our last blog???

Life in the 2GirlsAndTheirFamily household has been wonderful. Lots of changes since our last “less than wonderful” posting. Our girls are now 3.5 months old – boy does time fly!! We are enjoying them sooo much these days! It is seriously like night and day the way the girls are now as opposed to even just a month ago. We had been told during that hard times that the 3 month mark will bring about lots of changes. We didn’t believe it at the time as we couldn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel but at about 2.5 months of age, the girls did a 180! Was it because they were a little “older”, was it because we had FINALLY figured out their gas issues, we don’t know but at 2.5 months old the girls started sleeping through the night (yes BOTH of them), they started playing independently (and together) on their activity mat and they only cry when they needed something. Life is fun again. J gets out of the house daily now with the girls whether to run errands or just go for a walk, which a couple of months ago wouldn’t have happened as one or both of the girls could cry for no reason at any moment and there was no stopping them. The only tough thing about getting out of the house these days is the 3 hour window we have. If the girls are up, they want to eat every 3 hours on the dot. They are getting 5 oz each – half of which is formula and the other half is breastmilk. J’s goal before the girls were born was 1 year of breastfeeding, then after they were born it dropped to 3 months. Since she’s hit the 3 month period, it has moved to 6 months. Breastfeeding has definitely gotten easier but still has its ups and downs. We are both proud of J for hanging in there.

In order to catch up from months of blogless days, here are a few things about each of our pumpkins: A first since she is a minute older. ;)

A is our cuddly baby. She loves to snuggle with us and be up hanging out with us. She isn’t a great napper so it seems she always gets an extra feeding or 2 a day which might be the cause of her cute cubby cheeks ;)
A is very chatty. She will have long conversations with you.
A is also very smiley – she smiles and laugh all day long. Her beautiful smile will melt anyone’s heart.
A is our calm baby. Whenever anyone meets her they can’t believe how chill she is. When on her activity mat, she generally doesn’t move around all too much but has been seen 180 degrees from the place where we put her down. She bats at her toys hanging above her and occasionally will grab something but isn’t at the stage where she will grab a toy because she wants it yet (R is the same way).
A's eyes are still blue but we think they might be changing to brown.
A loves the fishtank! We can put her in her Bumbo (sitting with her of course) and she'll sit and watch the fish forever!

R is very active, it is almost impossible to change her diaper or dress her these days as her legs and arms never stop moving! She basically beats her sister up when they are on the activity mat because she never stops moving. ;)
R is VERY ticklish! Rub her belly, her chest, her neck, her ears, her thighs – you will get an adorable giggle out of her. She recently almost curls up into a ball when she is laughing and brings her hands up to her mouth.
Speaking of mouth, R always has her hands in her mouth it seems. If she is holding your hand, it is your hand that will be brought to her mouth.
R has become very talkative the past month. Her personality is really coming out and it is adorable!
R has grown to tolerate her carseat. She no longer screams as soon as she is put in it and she actually has conversations with the warning label that is on the side of it. It’s really cute.
R still has blue eyes and now we are really starting to wonder if they will stay blue.

We often wondered when the girls would acknowledge each other. It finally happened about 2 weeks ago! We sit them looking at each other and A LAUGHS AND LAUGHS at R. We aren’t sure why she thinks R is so funny but we end up laughing as well. A has GREAT eye contact and will stare at R and talk to R. R, most of the time, isn’t interested but occasionally she will stare back at A and they have even had a conversation with each other! Where was the video camera when that happened!?!? ;) They grab each others hands and touch each others faces. When J is nursing them both, they look at each other the whole time. It’s very cute. And on the activity mat, they will both play longer when they are on the mat together as opposed to just one playing by herself. We think this is a GREAT sign for when they are a little older! We keep telling ourselves that twins are harder when they are infants (than a singleton) but once they get a little older, they will always have a playmate and so life will be easier than if we had one child that we had to entertain/play with all the time. We’ll see if this is true.

Some milestone the girls have hit so far:

A’s First Smile – Aug 24th
B’s First Smile – Aug 31st
First time sleeping through the night (and they BOTH did!)– Oct 1st
A’s First Laugh – around Oct 14
B’s First Laugh – around Oct 14
R rolled over from front to back – Oct 16th
A rolled over from front to back – Oct 20th
They both seem to have the idea and desire to roll from their back to their front but neither have actually done it yet. They both roll onto their sides a lot.

Here are some pictures and videos to help catch you all up! Enjoy!

One of their Halloween costumes: Our Sweet Peas!
A on left, R on right

Smiling A while R eats her arm.

We think R's face in this picture is very funny.

M and R playing with each other.

Giggling A