Thursday, February 18, 2010

7 Months!

Hi blogging world! It's us! While the babies are napping, we thought we'd write a quick update.

Our beautiful A and R are 7 months old already! SEVEN MONTHS!?! We can hardly believe it! They both have their own adorable but separate personalities coming out strong. Life has definitely gotten easier and harder at the same time. Neither are crawling yet but R is on the brink. If we didn't have hardwood floors in our house, she'd be off. For now she suctions her hands to the floor and pulls her knees in to move, or just rolls. A just rolls onto her belly getting ready t
o crawl but isn't really getting up on all four's yet. She'll prop herself up for a while then whine to be rolled over. Yes, she knows how to roll, but she'd rather one of her Mommies help her because 99% of the time she gets some cuddle time out of it.

We think one of the cutest things about the girls at this age is their interaction with each other. A makes R laugh all the time. It's sooo cute! They look for each other now and "talk" to each other as well. They will sit and play together, and R has been known to stealing whatever toy A has in her hand.

The twins are on a couple of solid foods. Their feedings begin with being nursed when they wake up (usually between 6:15am and 7:30am) then around 8:30am they get cereal and smooshed up banana with some juice (99% water, splash of juice). They go down for a nap after their cereal and usually sleep about an hour but has been up to 2 hours. They get a bottle/breastfed within the hour after they wake up and then a vegetable at lunch. Can you guess what we were trying this day? Think she liked it??

J is making her own baby food and so far found it pretty easy to do. They get another afternoon bottle/breastfeeding and a nap or 2 depending on what we are doing that day (staying home or running errands). Around 5:45pm they get more cereal and then it is bath, bottle and bedtime. They are in bed and sleeping by 7:15pm these days which is great! For a while R was getting up around 10pm for another feeding but we let her cry it out a couple times and it worked. She falls asleep after her bath without finishing her bottle so that's why we think she was waking up. We recently started giving her 1/2 of her bottle before her bath and think she's getting more milk but the cereal is doing a good job of filling her up for the night anyway. They also get a Mum.Mu.m during the day. They are rice crackers that pretty much melt in their mouths. It's adorable watching them eat them. They will hold them with 2 hands and nibble with the 2 bottom teeth that they have growing in. TOO CUTE!

The lack of posting has more to do with how busy we M
ommies are, not necessarily how busy the babies keep us. (They DO keep us very busy though!). J is working again part time (25 hrs a week). She started back up in November and works from home. Once a month or so she heads down to her office which is in Arlington VA. It works out nicely since her whole immediate family is in a 10 mile radius of her office so she drops the babies off with Grandma and Grandpa and heads in. We also bought a house at the beginning of December which we have been renovating. We finally moved in Jan 31st but are still doing work every night when the babies go to sleep. And if both of us working and renovating a house wasn't enough, the twins are also working! They were cast to be on a few episodes of "The Goo.d Wife" on CB.S. It seems as though R did not make the cut but A will be in a couple of scenes in 2 episodes. R cried when she was put in the actress's arms. It was evident the actress didn't have kids nor seem to really like them as she didn't know what to do when either baby cried. J was like "try bouncing a little while you are holding her." She didn't take the advice. ;) Either way, they are both making a little money for college.

We all can't wait for spring to be able to get out easier and utilize the amazing yard we have and park we live near. We are OVER the snow already but still try to get out and enjoying it a little before it is gone in a month or so.

Here are a couple of pictures of the girls. R laying on Mommy's belly, A yawning and R rehearsing in her trailer. R was supposed to use the pacifier during her scene on "TGW".