Friday, December 19, 2008

Two Week Waits Never End

So this was a really long two weeks of waiting .... we definitely thought that getting pregnant meant the end of those dreaded two week waits ... but they are in full effect still!

Towards the end of the 1st week we became very anxious to have a look inside J's uterus just to be sure everything was still A-OK. Plus we were taking a trip to Raleigh for J's grandmother's birthday. Since J's immediate family was going to be there, we were planning on telling them about our pregnancy, so we thought we'd feel better if we saw that everything was still a go. So we called our doctor and asked if we could come in and long story short they said no. Apparently they don't "scan just to scan". Apparently they also forgot that we just recently had a m/c around these same weeks. Oh well. We decided to go ahead and tell J's parents, brother, sister, and brother-in-law anyway. We showed them a onesie and let them soak it in ... and then BAM! pulled out another matching onesie. The reactions were really priceless. J's brother - who is 26 - is so excited, it's really cute how into it he is!

Today we went in for our scheduled visit. Luckily we got in before the storm hit (getting home was another story). The first thing the u/s technician said was "everything looks great". This was exactly what we wanted to hear! Then she did her usual measuring and prodding around, and told us the heart rate of Baby A was 175 bpm. As she kept measuring she began shaking her head in a "no" like fashion ... clearly we both internally started flipping out! What seemed like hours later she finally announced that the heartrate of Baby B (Lil' Stinker) was 183 bpm. He was moving around too much for her to get the reading - which is why she was shaking her head. Baby B continues to live up to his name as the trouble maker!

She then turned the u/s screen and began explaining what we were seeing. At this point in the appointment, M had already cried once. It was here that J saw what had made her cry. There on the u/s screen were two babies - not little blobs - but BABIES! She pointed out the obvious - the heads, the bodies, the little arm and leg buds, the hearts and the spinal cords. We were (and still are) in disbelief at how much they were moving around! It looked like they were dancing and giving us Jazz hands! Sooooooooo cute and so unbelievable!

Our Dr then came in and again repeated that everything looked great. We are 9 weeks and 1 day today and J's uterus is measuring around 11 weeks. We asked if she could begin exercising and to our surprise he said no. He brought up the issues we've had in the past and mentioned that small bleed in J's uterus and suggested she just stay off her feet and be waited on. J had no argument with that! We also asked about the progesterone suppositories and how much longer J would be on them and he said until 12 weeks.

We go back in two weeks to get our diploma (aka files). Then we are off to our new OB/GYN thanks to an excellent referral from Mommy and Mamita - who we also want to congratulate again on their progressing BFP!!


Mommy and Mamita said...

Congrats on the great scan. Sounds like it was a very emotional experience. J, enjoy the pampering while you can. I hope you like my OB. Hopefully, I will be headed her way soon too.

Anonymous said...

What great news. I am so happy all is well :-)

R said...

YEAH!! Wonderful news!! So glad that the scan went well!! :)

Joy said...

Yay for great news! Enjoy relaxing over the holidays!