Saturday, December 6, 2008

All we want for Christmas are our 2 heartbeats :)

Sorry we haven't blogged in a while but J has been sleeping since the last blog entry. ;)

Our dr appt this morning went very well. We were excited to see our babies after a FULL LONG WEEK! Baby A, who has been nicknamed Show Off, was all out and about with a strong heartbeat of 128 bpm. Baby B, who has been nicknamed Little Stinker, was hiding at first but then appeared and showed us an equally strong heartbeat of 122 bpm. The u/s technician said everything looked great but did point out a small area that could be a bleed near Baby A! She said our dr would talk to us about it.

Our dr said we were 7 weeks 2 days pregnant (as if we didn't know that already) :) J's uterus was measuring 9 weeks and he also said everything looked great. I asked him about the bleed that the u/s technician mentioned and he said it was nothing to be concerned about. He said most, if not all pregnancies have this and it will not cause a m/c. He said we should think of it like an air bubble behind wallpaper. It could cause spotting but definitely not a m/c. This made us feel much better. He actually left saying everything was an A+ and to come back in 2 weeks.

More pregnancy symptoms have kicked in this past week. J hasn't eaten a real meal since Thanksgiving - no puking, just no appetite at all and lots of food aversions (don't bring meat of any kind around her!). She has nausea that comes and goes and of course sleeps whenever she can. Although there has been a few very early mornings where she'll get up to pee (for the 2nd or 3rd time that night) and not be able to fall back to sleep- even though it is only 4am. She's been feeling a lot of uterus stretching and some headaches from time to time. J has taken to wearing a sports bra 24-7 as it helps with the soreness of her now very large (and veiny) bb. Sexy eh? Oh, and have we mentioned J cries at the drop of a hat? She recently started to cry during a Mc.Donalds commerical!

Today we went to and perused the entire store. First stop, stretch mark lotion! M has been commissioned to rub this on J's belly and bb twice a day. We spent significant time rocking on the gliders and imagining how different our lives will soon be. I wouldn't say we are scared, but seeing the 2 heartbeats today really made it all seem that much more real. We are definitely having twins. 2 babies. Same time. Whoa.

We stopped by bord.ers in hopes to pick up a good book about twins and pregnancy with twins. Can you believe there wasn't a SINGLE book?!?! When we got home we went online and found a few that looked good and ordered them.

We also got our Christ.mas tree today and decorated our place. While typing this blog, we are in the process of watching The Story for the 3rd time. (J fell asleep through the 1st and 2nd viewing so we keep restarting it.) Unfortunately we didn't get a picture of our babies today so we are posting a picture of our tree and our furry baby instead. We think Addy is looking for her presents under the tree. She's been sitting there for HOURS! Too cute!


S. said...

so glad to hear everything is going okay ~ ive been worried about ya'll since your last post!

seeing those 2 heartbeats must have been spectacular!!

eeney meeney miney miney said...

Great news about the babies!
Your home looks so cozy and warm with the tree lit up. It's funny, our cat does exactly the same thing she loves to sit under the tree. I actually got on the floor and looked up into the tree once to see it from her perspective and I totally understand why she does it; it's lovely.

Heather said...

I'm very glad to hear that BOTH heartbeats are beating away... Very good news!! Yippie! Our furry baby loves the tree too!!

Travelher and Pufferfish said...

That must've made your day to finally hear BOTH of them! It will be so interesting to see if the shy one really is 'shy' in real life, huh?!
Our cats LOVE to sit under the tree. So cute!

Jackie said...

I'm so glad that you keep it coming with the positive updates. Two heartbeats! Merry Xmas, indeed!

Anonymous said...

That is wonderful news. Congrats on two perfect heartbeats :-)

Les Make Babies said...

Congratulations on both of those beautiful heartbeats! I'm thrilled for you guys!

The Amily Diaries said...

Yay for heartbeats! I am sure it was very comforting to hear. Sorry you are experiencing all the little "joys" of early pregnancy but the good news is that you can look forward to a day when they will subside. We are so happy for you both!

Strawberry said...

Congrats on a wonderful appointment! By the way, we really liked the Our Bodies, Ourselves: Pregnancy and Birth book. It's very positive and GLBT-inclusive, although not specific to twins of course.

Gia said...

Ok so i think the star of the pic is the cat with the Christmas Tree eyes!!!
lmaoooo and teh runner up is the Plant in teh back ground with the string of lights on it!

I LOVE IT!!!!!
I'm so happy that WE have two beats!!!!

Anonymous said...

Yay, I'm so glad you were able hear both heartbeats and had a reassuring dr's appt. Your christmas tree looks great and a very festive room!