Saturday, May 29, 2010

Buckle up...

here we go.... AGAIN.

M's AF finally showed up yesterday. Since our dr is closed tomorrow, they had us come in today on day 2, for bw and an u/s. Since the appointment was at 8am this morning, we had to bring the girls with us. Normally we'd rather not bring them but this was kind of a surprise appointment. They were surprisingly good for it being their naptime (yes, they go back down for a nap around 8am when most people are just getting up). They got lots of attention from all the nurses, technicians and our doctor, which they ate up of course. They, but especially A, are little hams at the ripe age of 10 months. They know how to work the crowd.

So, we start Re.pronex tomorrow. Hope M's belly is ready for all the pokes and prods that are about to come! We are extremely excited and can not believe the day has finally come for PROJECT BABY C to begin! We go back in on Wednesday for b/w to see if the dose needs to be increased or decreased.

As exciting as this all is, it's been a hard week leading up as we've had a house full of sick mommies & babies. We have realized he.ll on earth quite possibly is when both parents are sick as dogs and have 2 sick infants as well. It was a TOUGH few days! Thank goodness for our nanny watching the girls which allowed us to nap or at least rest for a bit. We all went to the dr this week, the girls AGAIN as their coughs got significantly worse, but luckily the fevers never got above 100 degrees. J ended up having bronchitis, while M and the girls have really bad colds and coughs. The girls were given an inhaler to help clear out their lungs. A took it pretty well, but R was a struggle at first. But after almost a week of aspirating, pushing fluids, using the inhaler, refilling the humidifier, cleaning up a few mucusy throw ups here and there, we think we are FINALLY seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. A seems much better and R is about a day behind A so she should be feeling much better tomorrow. M is about 90% while J is pushing 60%... she just can't kick whatever she's got.

Amongst the coughs and sneezes, R found time to learn a new trick - to climb stairs. And not just one way of climbing but 3 ways! She'll crawls/climbs up each step one by one, she'll hold the banister poles and literally walk up the stairs, but worst of all, she will try to walk up the stairs on the OUTSIDE of the banister where there is about 1 1/2 inch of stair. Someone is always there when she is trying out her adventure as the room with the stairs in it is pretty much gated off to them at all times, but she can really get to the top of the staircase in a hurry! Granted, she's also climbed 1/2 way up the gate as well. Yep, we sure have our hands full with this child! On the other hand, we can find A in the "library" (the corner with all their books) sitting flipping slowly through pages. How different they are.

And onto some pics of the littlest ladies.

Silly-faced R

A saying "Pretty please, Mommy!"

A reading a book.

R using the inhaler.

The girls LOVE animals!

R climbing the gate.


Two Moms, Two Monkeys said...

So glad you all are feeling better and can't wait to follow you on project baby C! We will be jumping on that train soon, though not soon enough for me! Love the photos! Your girls are just so adorable!

Laurie said...

My goodness! Colds and coughs and climbing and ttc-ing! What a post!! I'm glad everyone is on the mend... can't wait to follow project baby c. :)

Anonymous said...

Holy crap! Project baby C is well under way already. I hope its a smooooth ride.

Hope you all feel better soon!

anofferingoflove said...

So exciting to see project baby c underway already! So excited for y'all.

The pics are adorable, thanks for sharing!

Strawberry said...

Ugh, the House of Sickness is definitely no fun at all. Glad you're through the worst of it. Exciting news about project baby C! And wow, you've got some acrobats on your hands. I love the look on her face in the second pic-- adorable.