Friday, May 21, 2010

Helpful advice!

We’d like to thank you ladies for your comments! You are all very helpful! We have started to put milk in a N.uby bottle that has a sipp.y cup nipple hoping the fact that they are still holding a bottle would be a good transition. So far, R will drink milk out of it but A still won’t have it. It’s weird because all day long they will drink water out of anything you give them- sippy cup, straw cup, real cup, water bottle, regular bottle, you name it, they’ll drink water from it. We hope if we keep offering the sippy cup or sippy cup nipple to them every day that someday they will both drink the milk out of it and we can be off of bottles at a year. For any of you with kids over 1, do you still give them a nighttime “bottle”? Our nighttime routine ends with both girls getting a nice full bottle. Do we have to ween them off that by/at a year as well?

We took Two Moms, Two Monkeys advice and started giving the girls one meal of rice or oatmeal cereal a day. We always add a fruit and/or vegetable and although the first time we offered it to them again, they pushed the spoon away, they are now welcoming it a little more. We might be taking A from A+K up on her offer to talk feedings. :)

Last night was a rough night for A. We didn’t put the air conditioning on last night because it was so cool out, but since the girls room is on the first floor along with ours, we don’t open their windows. A woke up around 2 and was REALLY hot. We took her out of her sleep sack and changed her diaper but she still felt hot. We took her temperature and it was 101.4. Could body temp go up from being really hot? We gave her generic tyl.enol and a bottle. She wouldn’t really fall back to sleep and was kind of whiny. J rocked her to sleep finally only for A to wake up 20 mins later. The AC was on at this point so it wasn’t because she was hot. At this point we offered her her bottle again as she hadn’t finished it before and them M rocked her to sleep. Finally at almost 5 she was back down only to wake at 7. She’s been kind of cranky all morning but we think it is because she had a poor night sleep. We are going to monitor her temp today before taking her to the pediatrician. As of this morning, she didn’t have one. We know you can get a fever with teething, and we KNOW she is teething. Guess we’ll see how the day pans out. R, thankfully, slept through the entire night.

The evening started out really great as we had a babysitter over and were able to go out on a date night. We try to go at least once a month if not more. This month, with such great family and friends, we’ve gone out a few times! We even went to the movies which we hadn’t done in almost 2 years! We’re already trying to line someone up in the next few weeks so we can go see SATC 2! Would be great if we could find a theater that allows you to sip Cosmos while watching the movie! ;)

R drinking from the N.uby bottle with cup nipple

A still loves her bottles

R loves to bang her cup up and down on her high chair tray.

We always new A loved puppies but this past weekend she actually got to play with a few and LOVE LOVE LOVED them. She had a little help from her cousin in this picture.


Strawberry said...

Here's how we did it:

From 9 months on, he was used to having 3 daily bottles (morning, noon, night). We first began getting rid of the afternoon bottle, offering milk in a straw cup with lunch, and water/watered down juice with snaks. Then we made sure he ate a big dinner and drank some milk with dinner and got rid of the evening bottle, replacing it with a book, a song, extra cuddles. The morning bottle hung on the longest, but we eventually got rid of that, too....but we still give him a cup of milk first thing since he's very hungry and it'll be a few minutes before breakfast is served. He'll usually drink 2 ounces of that in his room before going downstairs for breakfast.

I know some people give their kids more time for this transition, and some people go cold turkey. Whatever works for you and your kids is best. We were strict about what we wanted to do and our timeframe for doing it, but decided to work on one change at a time instead of going cold turkey. We said that by 14 months, he'd be off bottles and formula. It went quicker than we thought, and we were all done by 12.5 months, having started around 11 months with the first bottle removal.

So...I don't believe body temp would go that high from simply being hot. Sounds like teething or a virus. Glad you were able to get out! So important :-)

Strawberry said...

Coming back to say that the girls are so cute!

Anonymous said...

Here is what we did at night. PBS uses a straw cup so we started giving her less milk at bedtime and began offering her some with her dinner instead of water. We gradually reduced the amount of milk at bedtime and increased the amount with dinner. It was pretty easy.

I also agree that it sounds like a virus or teething, I hope she feels better. Teething sucks!

P.S. We have the same kitty PJ's, love them!

Two Moms, Two Monkeys said...

This is still in the works for us given their high milk needs. Since they are preemies, we were told to wait until they reached their gestational "one year" mark rather than their bday to reduce their milk. For now they still get 20-25 ounces of breastmilk every day (in 5 oz increments). We have been trying to get their day bottles into cups and just keep their morning and nighttime feedings in a bottle. I think it depends on your sleep method. For us, they don't "need" a bottle to go down, its just the way we get the milk into them. We usually do bathtime, book, bottle and then rock them to put them to sleep. So I imagine once the bottle is replaced with the cup, that won't change. If you put the girls down awake, it could work the same way, just replace the bottle with a sippy cup they like. The trick is finding them one they like ;)

I agree you don't get a fever that high from being hot. Probably teething. Have they had any recent vaccinations? That could also be the culprit. Our boys have reactions at different times, which could explain just one of them getting a fever.