Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Steppin' it up!

Big news! R took her first few steps last night! It was awesome! She’s been on the verge of walking and won’t yet do it on her own but last night when we stood her up, backed up a little, and called her name she took 2 steps! Miraculously we ALSO got it on video which we promptly posted on for our family and IRL friends to see. A still has super wobbly legs but can walk like a champ pushing her little car walker toy. Sooner than later we’ll have 2 tiny walkers which we always thought would be easier as we wouldn’t HAVE to carry them from point A to point B but we are sure it will have its new challenges. Probably something like we’ll never sit again.

As written in a previous post, our girls are completely off baby cereal and pureed meals and strictly on bite sized foods. R, who is the smaller of the twins, will some days eat like a champ but other days hardly eats anything. It's like she survives on air alone. We worry because she is so tiny (to us) and wondering if she is getting enough calories and nutrients on the days she just pushes her food around her high chair tray. She rarely finishes her bottles of formula but does drink a LOT of water as she loves her sippy cup with a straw. Maybe we should put her milk in the sippy cup too? Any advice out there? Should we go back to cereals and stuff? We initially stopped offering it because the girls wouldn’t eat it. We also find that there are times when A will eat some and then start screaming/crying to get out
of her high chair. If we put on Barney or something for them to watch while eating they do great but we don’t want to get them in that habit.


Strawberry said...

Oh my goodness, walking!! That's amazing.

I would definitely try milk in a straw cup. That's what we do with Miles, although he doesn't drink a whole lot, period. Try and make up for milk with lots of cheese and yogurt (either from a spoon or spread in a sandwich).

A+K said...

Boo!! I posted the comment on the wrong blog post! Whoops!

Two Moms, Two Monkeys said...

I think the milk in a cup would help. We can't get the boys to use the straw cups yet but the other sippy cups work great and they will drink all of their milk but only some of the water.

We still give them the rice cereal and oatmeal for breakfast with fruit, they really like it and I like that it has iron in it. Have you tried adding fruit to their cereal to see if they like it that way?