Friday, May 14, 2010

Smile baby... smile!

We’ve had a few of you ask how we got our daughters into the modeling/television business. Although J works in television she did not use any connections in getting the girls their agents or any of their gigs. Over Christmas break we mailed a bunch of pictures of the girls together and by themselves to NYC agencies we hand selected. This is an easy search to find reputable agencies. A couple of weeks later, we got calls from a few of the agencies asking to meet our daughters. We met with three and immediately upon meeting the girls the agencies wanted to sign them (represent them). We chose 2 to work with (exclusivity is not a factor at this age as it will be when they get older) but we get most of the auditions through one of the agencies more than the other. A and R were offered a TV spot on “Damages” (which they couldn’t do because we were out of town) and the spot on “The Go.od Wife” without having to go to an audition. Our agent sent their pictures to the shows casting agents and our daughters were chosen. For the Lauren shoot, both daughters “auditioned” for a spot but only A was chosen. She had the “full figured baby” look that they wanted. The auditions usually consist of going to the casting agency (or in Laure.n’s case we went to their advertising office in NYC) and a few pictures are taken. The shoot is usually the next day or the day after. You need a very open and flexible schedule to get your children into this business. Since J works from home, her blackberry allows for mobility even during work hours. You are usually told about an audition the day or night before and are given a window of 4 to 6 hours of which the actual audition is held. Some auditions are packed while others known as “Go see’s” are quite manageable. With go-sees, the casting agency has already slimmed down the candidates via agent websites and only those babies are allowed to audition. That’s pretty much the gist of it! Good luck!

The girls are the Laur.en shoot. A is VERY excited as you can see!


Strawberry said...

That's really cool! Guess the girls already have quite a start on their college funds hehe. They're adorable and the 10th month update was great to read.

K J and the kids said...

That's great. Thanks for explaining it.
Is your goal to keep them in pictures ?

I LOVED the first season of Damages.

tui said...

Interesting, we were wondering how you went about it - thanks for sharing :)

Two Moms, Two Monkeys said...

Very cool! Our photographer asked us if we were interested in submitting their photos (she has a friend who is a child agent in L.A.) but we both work, and don't have the flexibility. It would be totally cool though. I think the big guys is starting to have stranger anxiety anyway, so I'm not sure how smiley he'd be ha!

Your girls are just adorable! I can see why they are getting so much "work".