Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Cough cough cough...

Once again, thank you ladies for your advice! We are going to make a plan similar to all of yours to ween the girls off their bottles.

We took the girls to the dr on Friday where they checked out a-ok but our pediatrician said if they get worse to call him. Yesterday they developed terrible coughs (particularly A) so their dr wanted to see them again. Poor little babies! A was coughing a lot in her sleep but they both slept the night which was good. We head back to the dr this morning. Luckily they are both eating and drinking well, so aside from their cough and extra tiredness, they seem ok.

At the girls’ 9 month checkup, we asked the doctor about what other foods the girls could try and he gave us a whole list of wonderful suggestions. At that point he said, let’s not give them any whole milk yet because of their belly issues when they were newborns. We did however get the go ahead for yogurt and cheese so when we were at the dr on Friday we asked again about milk (whole milk) and mentioned that they have been eating yo.baby and American chee.se with no reactions or problems. He said go ahead and try the milk. I asked how much, thinking an ounce or two to introduce – but he said it can be up to 50% of their formula/milk intake. Great we thought as we are spending $120 a week on formula since they are on the Ca.dillac of formulas (Simil.ac Aliment.um). We tried giving the bottles in cups for a couple of days and they would both take a sip and then push the cup away. Yesterday J heated the milk up and put 3 oz in a bottle and A drank it right up! R is still not loving it but we think we have a good 2 months to move her in that direction before we completely ween them off formula so we’re not worried.

The girls were cast to be in the H.BO miniseries “Broadwa.y Empire” and were supposed to shoot yesterday in Brook.lyn but our agent didn’t get the message from the casting agency until late Sunday, when the casting agency of the show contacted him early Sunday. Since they hadn’t heard from back from my agent, they chose other babies to be in the show. It actually worked out for the best since the little ones are fighting this cold.

We are starting to think Project Baby C may never be underway! J’s AF has come and gone but M’s is nowhere in sight. :( Come out come out wherever you are!

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