Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Rocking and Rolling...

Or should we say Poking and Producing!

M had bloodwork this morning to make sure the Rep.ronex is actually working. And.... IT IS! We keep with the same regime of 2 powders, 1 cc liquid and go in tomorrow for bw and an u/s. Very excited mommies in this household of ours!

M has been doing really well with the injections! Ice, clean, stick, inject, ice... all with no problem! M pinches the area, J darts the needle in and M inserts the hormone... we have it down to a science as all we did was reverse rolls from J's IVF last year. The one thing that isn't consistent is the size of the welts J had vs the size M is getting. M was nervous about the welt size and pain that was associated with J's injections. She is VERY LUCKY so far!!!

Comparative pictures:

J's belly during her Repro.nex injections a year and a half ago.

M's belly with the Rep.ronex injections. TINY WELTS! YAY!

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Next in Line said...

Thank goodness for tiny welts. I used Traumeel and it worked like a charm. No bruising or welts at all. Good luck with this cycle!