Wednesday, July 28, 2010

We Graduated!

We are just trucking along in M's pregnancy! Today we are 9wks and 3 days already. We had an u/s and doctor appointment last week and the u/s technician said Baby C was measuring 8wks 5days, which was 2 days ahead of schedule at that time. We saw the heartbeat, which was 169 bpm; an excellent heart rate! Baby C has an adorable little round head and little itty bitty arm and leg buds already! SOOOO cool to see! Because everything has been going so well, our fertility doctor decided to graduate us. Next week we will begin seeing our regular OB. It will be nice to see her since we haven't since she delivered our twins.

Things have been going pretty well so far with M's pregnancy, besides the fact that she is nauseous pretty much 24 hours a day 7 days a week. It's pretty bad but at least she hasn't actually puked (yet). Nothing really helps, not even ale and pretzels, which were J's best friend during pregnancy. M is still able to stomach meat, but overall it doesn't really appeal to her. She has lost all her desire for sweets ... her sweet tooth which is normally in full effect is completely gone. So weird! For the most part M can eat pastas and pizza happily. Oh, and raspberries and french fries, she is always craving fries these days.

Other than the nausea, M has been doing really good. No spotting or cramping or anything scary, which is a nice change in this pregnancy. Her bb's have been sore since about week 4 and a sports bra while sleeping has become a necessity. She has had a couple bouts with insomnia but isn't sure it's pregnancy related. M has also noticed that she gets out of breath a LOT recently and tired more easily. We aren't really sure why she is getting so out of breath so early in the pregnancy. Something we'll definitely bring up with our dr. She definitely has a little "baby brain" going on and is beginning to forget things...

As for A and B, they are doing great! We are finally done celebrating their birthdays. We had 3 parties: 1 with M's family, 1 with J's family, and 1 with all of our friends. The friend party was very fun and we had about 10 kids under the age of 3 running around our back yard. It was great! Literally the next day A started walking. We think that she was inspired by all of the other kids walking around at her party. She gets SO excited when she walks!

They still aren't saying any words, beside the occasional "Mom" that B says. So we've started to teach them some basic sign language to help keep them happy. We found that especially during meal time they scream a lot, and we know it is because they are frustrated that they can't tell us what they need. So we have taught them the signs for milk, drink, eat, more, and all done. They are definitely catching on and its super cute to see little A do the sign for milk with her big grin :)

Please meet our newest addition (almost) - BABY C!


anofferingoflove said...

happy graduation!! adorable little baby C you have in there! ;)

Suz said... cute! Your little baby blob looks very similar to mine! I guess since we are only 3 days apart this is to be expected!! :) Congrats!

Gia said...

sexy looking kid you go there!

K J and the kids said...

That's funny. We call our kids baby A,B,C,D and E :)
Glad that everything is going well.