Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Remember us?

The family that consists of 2 moms, 2 daughters and soon..... A SON!
Yep - that's right, we're adding a little testosterone to this estrogen driven family. We had our 20 week visit to the specialist yesterday for a growth check and they were able to easily without a shadow of a doubt confirm we are having a son. We couldn't be more excited! He is growing perfectly in every way and can't wait to hold him on our arms!

Hi little guy!

M is feeling great these days. She had nausea until about 12 weeks and her daily headache tapered off around week 16... boy those SUCKED! Her new fall accessory is a baby bump. It's adorable and perfect in every way. Luckily we have several holidays to help the next 20 weeks fly by!

The other 2 darlings are doing fantastic. They pretty much repeat everything we say - not perfectly and sometimes not even close but it is a constant reminder that their little ears are only inches away and we REALLY have to watch what we say and do. They play with each other almost non stop and it melts are hearts to see that they are already becoming each others best friends. We've recently started them in a music class which is fantastic. We go with their "best friends" (the triplets from across the street), not only do they get to play, dance and make music with them, J gets some adult time with their mom (albeit waving handkerchiefs, shaking eggs, tapping a tamborine, singing along to great music) . It's a win win for everyone. We also started going to the library for storytime. There was quite a turnout the first week and the ages ranged from around 5 months to 14 months it seemed with our daughters being the oldest in the group. The next age group is 18 months to 3 years. While all the younger baby sat nicely on their mommy/caregiver's lap, A and R were in the middle of the circle, watching along as the librarian read the book, pointing at the babies, playing with each other... you name it, they did it. Nothing bad or too distracting, but J was glad it was only a 20 minute session because she felt like she would have lost their attention in that circle if it lasted too much longer. J had internal conflict of letting them be in the middle of the group vs forcing them to sit on her lap (which WASN'T working). Were the other parent's thinking to themselves that J should get her kids under control and out of the middle? Were they understanding that theirs just don't walk/crawl yet so one day that will be their babies? We don't know but it is what it is. We missed it last week as the girls had a cold but we'll see how it goes tomorrow.

We are excited for Halloween this year! Every holiday is just a little more fun, a little more special now that we have children. The girls LOVE to put on their costumes and walk around in them. We thought we'd have to force them to keep them on but NOPE, they actually grab them and bring them to us to put them on. TOO CUTE! We went with personality driven costumes this year - A is a lion and R is a monkey.

We went pumpkin and apple picking this weekend. It was one of the best weekends we've had yet! 15 month old are SOOOOOOOOO much fun!!!!

R LOVED eating the apples she picked!

A on the hayride back from the orchard.

Our lion and monkey


H2 said...

Congrats on the news of your baby boy. The twins are adorable. We have daughters that are 10 months apart and they are best friends. Its such a blessing to have a built in playmate. Much love from the moms at www.twomomsandababybump.blogspot.com

K J and the kids said...

Oh how exciting. Boys ROCK !
The girls are darling...I love the costumes :)

anofferingoflove said...

aw, congrats on finding out baby C is a boy!!!! :)

Pomegranate said...

Congrats on the news of your boy. The girls are adorable.

A New Chapter - Our Journey To Parenthood said...

OMG the costumes are too much!

Anonymous said...

Oooooo! I'm so excited you are having a BOY! So happy to hear the pregnancy is going well. Belly pics are in order, aren't they?

The girls are adorable!

Anonymous said...

Ok so I'm a little (lot?) late but that's great news that you're having a wee boy to join your family. Love the costumes too, they're gorgeous!

A+K said...

Just checking in to see how everyone is doing over at your house!! M's pregnancy is scooting right along! Hoping that all is well...happy holidays!!!

K J and the kids said...

What's happening over there ?
I barely Remember you !
I hope all is going fine and that you are just super busy !

Liz Raptis Picco said...

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