Monday, February 9, 2009

Bloody noses, cocktails and baby gear, oh my!

Well, to pick up from our last blog (albeit 2 weeks ago) we did not get confirmation of the sexes of our babies at our last visit. There is some speculation but we guess it will be our next visit or the full body scans a few days later that will confirm.... and WE CAN'T WAIT!

We are 16 weeks and 4 days today! Time sure is flying by and everything is going great! J has developed a nice forming baby belly in the last few weeks. M just looks at J's belly and says "I can't believe how cute your belly is! It's just so.... cute!" We are contemplating posting a belly shot. Anyone care to see one of twins at 16 and a half weeks? J's belly button has become almost completely flat ... bye bye inny!

J has had a few symptom changes since entering the 2nd trimester. Her appetite is picking up, although meat is still an issue and she doesn't eat as much as the books tell us she should eat. Then again, no one could eat what the books are telling us J should eat - not even in a week!
She has to sleep on her side now, when she is on her back, the weight of the babies is uncomfortably heavy. Nasal stuffiness has set in. J was traveling for work last week when yet another new symptom began. Bloody noses. We think it was worsened by the super dry winter air (even Atlanta where J was was super cold and dry last week), the flights, the hotel room and being in a dry studio for several days. The nose bleeds always found the worst time to make an appearance too. Like after a very long day on the dry set and then going through security at the ATL airport, J thought she had a runny nose until she stopped in her tracks and said... NO, I KNOW THIS FEELING! J grabbed her stuff off the conveyor belt and found tissues just in time. J was trying to stop the bleed while heading down a extremely long escalator on the way to the tram to take her to her gate. Of course, she was pulling luggage, carrying 2 coats and a bag all while trying to hide the blood pouring out of her nose. While on the tram, and of course while getting many a stare, the bleed finally stopped. J managed to not get blood on any of her clothes or bags but unfortunately her plane ticket didn't make it out stainfree. On a more positive note, J has had more "daytime energy" but as soon as 9pm rolls around and her head hits the pillow, she's OUT.

J is on an interesting cocktail of pills these days. Thankfully the days of progesterone suppositories are long gone and we were even able to drop the baby aspirin last week. So now, J is just down to a mere 7 pills a day. Thyroid medicine when she wakes up; iron, calcium and folic acid at dinner and for "dessert" a prenatal and 2 pills that are supposed to "keep things running smoothly" but don't necessarily always work... if you catch our drift ;) Due to the twins and J's aversion to meat, the iron is prescription strength to help with the anemia that has set in. Of course, this pill likes to counteract the other 2 dessert pills.

Up until now, we have only bought a onesie here, a cute baby top there but this weekend we bought our first baby gear. We decided what we thought we'd want to buy new - like car seats, cribs, breast pump ;) and the rest we thought we'd try to find on craigs.list and the likes. We met up with a family who had twins 13 months ago. They had everything you would need if you were pregnant with twins. We ended up getting a double snap and go stroller for $30 (a steal!), a street walker and a rainforest They are all so cute! Our cat has thoroughly inspected the items and gave us her stamp of approval by laying right in the walker. We ended up chatting with the mom for quite some time while her twin boys were playing around us. It was great! She gave us a book which she found very useful when she was beginning to buy baby stuff. It is awesome - "Baby Barga.ins" and so ironic that she gave it to us because after their house we were actually off to buy it. We also did some intense crib shopping both in store and online this weekend. We'd like to get these ordered soon.

We go in for our bif.ida blood test this week. Will any of these tests ever not be totally nerve-racking!? Take your folic acid ladies!! We go back in for our regular ob appt on the 25th and then have the babies full body scans on March 3rd. We are looking forward to seeing the babies in a couple of weeks! We can't believe that after this visit, we have to go in every 2 weeks already! This pregnancy is seriously flying by - but not fast enough that we aren't enjoying every minute of it.


Strawberry said...

Glad to hear the update! Of course we want to see pictures :-)

Check which copyright of the Baby Bargains book you have- a lot changes every year or two. We've found the website to be helpful as well, since people are constantly updating reviews in real-time.

Go twins go!

Heather said...

wow. It seems like you guys are gliding along so smoothly! whoohoo!

Gia said...

niceeee shopping!!!!!!

A said...

Glad things are going well! Can't wait to hear if they are boys or girls!! Or one of each of course.

Very exciting.

eeney meeney miney mommy said...

Sorry about the nose bleeds. Yuck! Glad some of the other symptoms are slowing down.

Wonderful news on all fronts and it sounds like those babies are doing well.

Take care ladies!