Thursday, February 12, 2009

Nothing like a nose bleed to get the morning started off right!

We were awoken today at 5am with the mother of all nose bleeds. We tired pinching the nose, icing on the nostril, icing the back of the neck, stuffing the nostril, but this one was a doozy. It finally stopped around 5:45am and now J is resting, keeping her head elevated and trying to stay still as to not have it start up again.

We went in for our scheduled bloodwork yesterday morning. When we were asked to check over the paperwork before signing it, the only thing wrong (however a big thing) was the number of gestations listed. No, nurse, there are definitely TWO in there! She said, GOOD CATCH and that they definitely run the test for spin.a bifid.a differently for two. We wonder what kind of results we would have gotten had we not caught that! EEK! The nurse told us we could call on Friday for the results.

While we were there, we asked about the nose bleeds and they assured us they were common and just to keep J's nostrils moisturized, drink a lot of water and to keep running the humidifier. This morning J was initially woken up because she was so dry, and within 5 minutes, the nose bleed began.

J was also weighed at the dr yesterday. Her weight was exactly the same as it was 2 weeks ago which is actually back to her pre-pregnancy weight (however not pre TTC weight unfortunately). J lost 5 lbs in the 1st trimester and then has since gained it back. We were surprised that J had not gained any weight because she definitely has a belly now which means the babies are certainly in there growing. In our calculations, since the babies have gained weight, and the belly is getting larger, that means J has actually lost weight. Sigh. We asked our dr about this and she was not concerned. She said at this point, as long as the babies are growing and J feels ok, she isn't too concerned but will definitely watch J's weight. We didn't get an ultrasound yesterday, as it was merely a bloodwork visit, so we were not able to see our babies. 2 more weeks!


Anonymous said...

now that is one BEAUTIFUL belly!! :)

nutella said...

Aww, who's got a cute baby belly?

Good luck with the nose bleeds, that does not sound like a fun symptom at all!

Gia said...

I can
t wait to rub that Buddha!!!!!
to cute!!!!!

eeney meeney miney mommy said...

Love that belly!!! So damn cute.

Sorry about those nose bleeds, they are one of my least faviorite things in the world.

Laurie said...

Your bump is beautiful :)