Tuesday, July 7, 2009

We Graduated... AGAIN!

Yesterday we had our last visit with our specialist. Our dr finished the appt with "You've Graduated! Good Luck on Friday!" YAY! This appt was the same as last Mondays - heart monitors on the babies and J's uterus for 20 minutes (which they behaved VERY WELL for this time!) and then an ultrasound to check positioning, amniotic fluid, etc. Our dr did tell us to make sure that the hospital did an ultrasound before J goes into the operating room to recheck the positioning of the girls. Apparently, the way Baby A is laying now, transverse (sideways) along the bottom of J's belly and face down, is perfect for a normal cutting of the uterus - from left to right. If she flips and is back down/face up on Friday, they will have to cut J's uterus vertically because they cannot grab the back of a baby to pull it out apparently. Our dr said we don't want them finding out the baby is back down after already being cut open as then they will have to make yet another incision either making the uterus cut like a J or like an upside down T to get baby A out. If this happens, the uterus will be a lot weaker in the long run and more susceptible to bleeding as it is healing. So yet one more thing to remember on what we’re sure will be a crazy Friday morning.

We have 2 more appointments this week. Our final ob visit is tomorrow followed by our pre-surgery testing at the hospital. We can’t believe this is finally it! 3 more days! J is sure she is going to go into labor before Friday – “JUST BECAUSE” we are so close to our scheduled c-section. ;)

The past week has been pretty uneventful. J has still not had a single Braxton Hicks or contraction which we can’t believe. Besides the weight of her belly and the general discomfort of being 37w 5d pregnant with twins, things are status quo. The only new symptom J has had the past few weeks is knuckle pain in her hands. She says it feels like major arthritis and she can’t make a fist at all and is in pain when she has to use/bend her fingers. Great timing eh? ;) We hope the water fluid retention goes away pretty quickly after the girls are delivered and her hands go back to normal (and normal size). Everything seems to swell quicker these days. J is still working which is fabulous and plans to work up until Thursday. Why not?! She works from home and with the comforts of her blackberry and our bed (and her ma.c next to the bed) it makes working “easy”!

J had completely grown out of all her maternity clothes about a week or so ago. We are making due with things she can fit in as she doesn’t go anywhere except to dr appts where she can easily just wear sweatpants to. We found all her running shorts with elastic bands still fit her as she really has only gained weight in her belly. Here is a funny comparison of J in her running shorts before TTC and a picture of her last week (same shorts).

Here is another shot of J’s belly this morning – does that look like 15 inches to you?

It is going to be so weird with J NOT having this belly. We almost forget what it is like because she started showing so early on – 15 or so weeks! Needless to say, J is ready to retire this heavy new addition and let M carry half the load from now on – on the outside of course!

We’d say we are generally ready for the girls – really have been for several weeks now – JUST IN CASE. The only outstanding “issue” to resolve is whether or not we want J’s mom to stay with us for a week after the babies arrive. She is more than willing to stay but said it is up to us. We keep going back and forth. We currently have a 2 bedroom place, while a large 2 bedroom place, this still means J’s mom will have to sleep on the couch. This isn’t a problem for her at all but will it just add confusion to the crazy week we will have or will it be helpful for her to be here? She can’t help with feeding as J is going to breastfeed so we guess diaper changes, burping, laundry, cooking? Would it be easier for us to just find our routine on our own at first? We KNOW we will be beyond exhausted and walking around in a daze (and of course, J will be healing from her c section) but would it be easier without another person thrown into the mix? J is leaning more towards thinking her mom does not need to stay (probably delusional thoughts?) and M is leaning more towards wanting J’s mom to stay. Any suggestions out there?


Laurie said...

3 days?!?! Time sure does fly, doesn't it?? I love the comparison pictures. It's amazing how things change.

As for Mom... I vote for her staying. I highly doubt that you will find any kind of schedule/pattern in that first week. I think you should consider taking all the help you can get while J heals and the babies adjust to life on the outside!

Pufferfish said...

I'm so happy for you two (four) even if those photos scare the living daylights out of me. (please let the weight all be in my belly just like you!)
So cool you have the side by side photo!

I vote for taking the mommy help. Unless she drives you crazy. You'll need some extra hands!

jilliebean said...

I'm excited for y'all! Not much longer!

I had a c-section with both of my kids, and had someone stay with us right after. My advice is to have her stay. C-sections are painful so you'll be doing a lot of running, even though you aren't doing the breastfeeding. Mom will be a lot more help than you know!!

Even if it's just for a few days!

Mommy and Mamita said...

Congrats on graduating. You really should try to get the horizontal incision. Can they rotate the baby if she is not in the right position? I'm having my Mom come stay for a week after Y goes back to work, so I'm not sure how long M is taking off for, but that might be an option to consider.

Anonymous said...

omg, good luck on friday!!!
im with the others, take the help while you can get it.
awesome belly shots, btw!

Anonymous said...

Those pictures are insane! J is all belly and nothing else! I am so excited for the girls to arrive. I wish you all the very best and I will be thinking of you all day Friday.

As for the mom question. I have no experience here and my knee jerk reaction is HELLS NO! No mothers to get in the way! BUT I have a feeling that even if it is a bit taxing to have her there, you will need her and be so very happy to have her help and her support. I think if you choose to have her stay it will not be a decision you regret in any way.

Heather said...

Just one more day until your babies are here!!! I can't wait to here all the updates! Good luck! I hope that you have a smooth, uneventful section. One more day until we welcome 2 little baby girls into the world!! whooohooo!