Tuesday, April 20, 2010

April showers bring May pregnancies?

The appointment with our fertility doctor went great! We talked through all our options and he is open to jumping to a more aggressive plan. We think we decided to do a cycle or 2 of injectables before jumping to IVF. Although the average rate of pregnancy is 18% with injectables, our doctor said those numbers don't tell the real story as we aren't "infertile" per say and M's a great age at 31 to conceive and carry a child. We asked which medications we would use and he said Repron.ex or Folli.stim. If anyone has or knows someone who has any of these medications and no longer need them, we'd love to take them off your hands! We will pay any copay or shipping fees! We got an estimate of $5K per injectible cycle or $12K for IVF since we don't have insurance. One large factor in choosing an injectable cycle over IVF is the risk of having frozen embryos left over like we do from J's IVF cycle. We can't distroy them but we don't want to become the lesbian oct.omoms either.

Since M just finished her AF, we'll begin with her next cycle - YAY FOR MAY!

Aside from Project Baby C - our two little angels are getting so big! A is 22lbs and 28.5 in and R is 18.7lbs and 27.5 in. A has 2 bottom teeth halfway in and 2 top teeth that just finished breaking through. R has 2 bottom teeth halfway in and a top tooth that looks like it will break through in a few days. We think R is going to walk sooner rather than later. She now stands for 5 to 15 seconds at a time not holding onto anything and will sloppily walk when holding one of my hands. A is pulling herself up on more and more things and crawling a little more as well. They both have blond hair growing in more and more and A's eyes have turned a beautiful light brown while R's eyes are still TBD. Sometimes they look blue, sometimes slate, sometimes brown and sometimes green. R is REALLY into giving kisses and hugs these days. A has been giving kisses for quite some time but R will actually crawl over to you kiss and hold on to you sooooo tight! It melts our heart whenever she does this as we know it is her way of telling us she loves us. Tonight M was trying to get R down (who was fussing) and M heard R say "Mom" clearly and then kissed her twice! Life is AWESOME!


Strawberry said...

They're both doing so well! And adorable, too.

Here's hoping the injectibles do the trick!

anofferingoflove said...

wow!! so exciting! ill keep fingers crossed that ttc#3 is a quick path! :)

Craving of Motherhood said...

Good Luck! We are going to work on a sibling for Mackenzie soon! We think having a sibling is very important. We just hope making baby #2 doesn't cost as much as the first round!! We'll keep our fingers crossed for you.