Monday, June 22, 2009

Eighteen, twelve, ten and two... the numbers of today. Can you find these numbers in our blog? ;)

18 days! That's what the calendar M made J says. The first thing J does in the morning is pull down the previous day's number: 20, 19, 18 and tomorrow morning... 17! As J is up every hour on the hour all night long, she considers it officially "morning" when M's alarm goes off at 6:15am.

Today we had an appointment with our specialist. The girls look great! And by great - we mean L*A*R*G*E! For twins that is... Our dr was impressed at how well they are growing and how far along we've gotten. Baby A is approximately 6lbs 1oz and Baby B is 5lbs 15 oz. Doing the math that makes for a 12lb baby! Seems like a pretty rational reason for all J's discomfort and stetching. This of course does not account for the extra 1lb of placenta, all the extra amniotic fluid and over double the amount of blood J now has circulating her body. You can see it in the veins popping out of her hands like a body builder - especially on HOT days. In the past week or so, water retention has really been an issue for J, but ironicallay not in her ankles/feet. It's pretty mild there. It is in places that she doesn't see swell - her knuckles and her knees. Who knew it could be so painful. Ok, enough complaining, that was 2 blogs ago.

Anyway, we go back to our specialist next Monday where they will monitor the babies heartbeats for 30 minutes, as well as check fluid levels. Our dr said that twins at 36 weeks can start to have complications so they do extra monitoring. So we wonder, why wait until 38 weeks to schedule the c section? But what do we know, we're not the drs.

From here on out (or for 18 days ;) we will go to the dr twice a week. One specialist appt and one appt with our regular ob. Good thing our jobs and our bosses are so flexible! Looks like J will be able to work right up until the day we go in for the c section. And with blackberrys she can even work during and after the delivery. Just Kidding ;)

We were told that we'd have to go in on July 8th or 9th for some routine testing at the hospital before the surgery on Friday the 10th. We don't really know anything about this yet but will be getting all the information at our ob appt on Thursday.

2 days until J's bday! :)
10 days until M's bday! :)
X days until our Daughters' birthday! ;)

Here are a couple pictures of our daughters' beautiful profiles! Don't worry, our family couldn't tell this was a baby either. J's brother actually said it looked like a muppet. Hi Kermie!


Anonymous said...

Look at you two all posty posty lately ;)

You are a super woman mama! Those babies are doing great! Good job M keeping those girls happy and healthy.

I hope you two have a wonderful birthday!


Tui said...

Hope you all have fantastic birthdays in the next few weeks - not long to go now at all!! Exciting!

Laurie said...

This is so exciting! It sounds like the girls are going to be super healthy. Yay! And I can totally see their faces! Just precious.

Anonymous said...

those are great pics! and wow, 12 lbs of baby is unreal. so glad to hear everything is going well and the babies are healthy. i cant wait to "meet" the girls!

Sarah said...

I was reading back on your blog, and I'm wondering, why did you skip injectables and go straight to IVF? I've done 5 IUI's with 2 miscarriages, and my dr is saying to do two more Clomid IUI's then move to injectables for 3 cycles. Injectables scare me because of the whole lotsababies thing. I'm wondering now if I should just suck it up and do IVF. Any words of wisdom?