Friday, April 24, 2009

My how time flies!

We have been very bad bloggers in the past few weeks. M has been very busy with her new promotion and J was sick for 2 weeks then on a shoot in MD for 2 weeks. So we are going to attempt to catch up on all that's been happening by posting several blogs over the next few days.

We are currently 27 weeks and 1 day and even though J's belly is getting very large and there is constant movement from within, we still have a hard time grasping the fact that in under 11 weeks we'll be bringing home our two little baby girls. We think once our babies are handed over to us, it might seem a little more real... or will it be once we are home and we are up feeding them at 3am that it will all really sink in?!?! Either way, we can't wait to meet them.

First update: Classes

At the end of March we took two classes to help prepare us for the babies. The classes were not supposed to be on the same weekend, but one got postponed from early March so we ended up spending our entire weekend in classes at our hospital. Not the ideal way to relax on a weekend, but the classes were well worth it.

The first class was a Adult/Toddler/Infant CPR class. We both have always wanted to take this type of class and figured now was a good time. J already had the basic training from her days as a lifeguard but since M worked at an ice cream stand growing up ... she didn't really have a clue. The bulk of the class was for CPR. They also touched on the Heimlich Maneuver a bit and the functionality (not the actual usage of) an AED. It was all very interesting. J was sore the next day from being in weird positions all day and getting up and down off the ground for our hands on procedures.

Much to our surprise, we were not the only gay couple in the class! There were actually 2 other lesbian PREGNANT couples, one of which brought 5 of their family members for training. For the first time in a while, we found that we outnumbered the straight couples in a non LGBT event! Ahhhh ... gay life in NJ is becoming more and more prevalent. :)

Our second class was called Marvelous Multiples ... and was all about the joys (!) of having multiples. Most of the couples in the class were having twins, but one woman was pregnant with triplets! Before the class we thought J was big, but after seeing some of the women that were further along we know she has a ways to go! The class was awesome! We learned SO much and the teacher offered so much great advice to us. Who knew that baby powder was not recommended for use these days?? We certainly didn't. We also got a tour of the hospital which was awesome! Private rooms, Level 3 NICU (which we HOPE we won't need) and excellent ratings all around. We are confident we are going to have an excellent birth experience there.

We have our final class, Breastfeeding, on May 5th. It should be another very informative class as we don't know too much about it at this point. We've researched and registered for a pump and have done some reading here and there but this class should be more hands on (as much as it can be).

More updates to come but in the meantime, here's a belly shot of J at 26 weeks - still veiny but also still the only place she's gained weight! (The engagement ring and wedding band have been taken off until after the babies arrive) :(


Laurie said...

Oh, I am so happy to read an update from you guys! I have been wondering how you are and how things are moving along. It sounds like everything is going well which I'm very happy to hear :) I look forward to the additional updates!

Strawberry said...

Love the belly! Sounds like everything is going swimmingly :) Yay NJ gays! (NJ is my original home state)

Craving of Motherhood said...

Thanks for updating! Sounds like things are going well.

Gia said...

Sexyzzzzzz heheheh